Achieve FREEDOM from Stress, Drama, Trauma and Pain

Deprogram Your Subconscious Mind and more ...
Emotional Mental Detox Program

Freedom From:
Self-Limiting Beliefs
Self-Sabotaging Programs
Heavy Emotional Baggage and
Hot Buttons that Trigger Automatic Reactions

More energy

Improved health

Inner peace

Emotional freedom

Increased intuition

Mental clarity

Plus you'll also be grateful for:

Improved relationships because you are less reactive,
more present and able to make conscious choices

Energetic Balance of: Mind & Heart; Thinking & Feeling; Giving & Receiving

Heart Intelligence for strong inner guidance and more confidence in your decisions

Freedom from approval-seeking because you no longer fear abandonment and rejection 

Speaking your truth and setting heathy boundaries

Quick, Easy & Graceful Guided Meditations
Deprogram With Suzanna Kennedy

The Emotional Mental Detox program is delivered in a series of Self-Healing, Guided Meditations. These meditations are designed to purify your physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies of toxic thoughts, beliefs, subconscious programs, emotions and energetic distortions.


Create a powerful and
permanent change in your life


Suzanna Kennedy

Empowerment Leader, Graceful Transformation Expert, Co-Creative Partner

For 15-years Suzanna served as a business consultant in the auto industry. She specialized in the design of corporate training programs and led large-scale change initiatives.

Out of a quantum consciousness awakening in 1997, Suzanna birthed Conscious 2.0 Technology .

Suzanna’s inspiration, information and consciousness technology comes from Universal Intelligence. A powerful change agent and visionary, she facilitates enlightenment for individuals and groups. She is a captivating speaker and author of the book Sacred Union, Pathway to Paradise.

What's Included In Your

Detox the Six Core Programming Errors that All Humans Have In Common

#1 Men & Masculine Energy

Deprogram anger, hatred and victimhood. Replace distrust with self-confidence and integrity. Maintain healthy boundaries.

#2 Women & Feminine Energy

Deprogram fear of abandonment and abuse patterns. Activate your feminine qualities of beauty, intuition, creativity and receptivity.

#3 Fear Detox

Deprogram anxiety, worry, terror, panic and self-doubt. Expand your comfort zone. Express courage and enjoy empowerment.

#4 Pain Detox

Deprogram hurt, pain, sorrow and grief and replace with deep compassion for yourself and others. Attract grace instead of dramas.

#5 Guilt Deox

Deprogram judgment and blame patterns and release unresolved guilt and shame. Free yourself from your inner-critic and punisher.

#6 Lack Detox

Deprogram lack, limitation and separation. Release false beliefs of unworthiness and embrace your true value as an infinite being of love and light.

See Results After the First Session

Eliminate the emotional/mental causes of illness and injury, allowing your body to begin healing itself.

Reduce and eventually eliminate stress and drama so you can settle into a more peaceful, graceful life.

Eliminate regrettable emotional triggers so you can enjoy healthy, nourishing relationships.

Feel calm, grounded and centered in any situation, empowered to make decisions from wisdom and compassion.

Remove energetic blocks and restore the flow of life force to you, for more vitality & well-being.

Release all programming from other people, so you can be your True Self and live your life purpose.

I Want Freedom

Bonus Videos & Meditations

These 6 Bonuses support your Emotional-Mental Detox Journey

I AM Power Activation

This short animation guides you through the powerful I AM invocation that aligns you with your super-conscious Self. 

Radiant One Activation

You are so much more than you think you are. Activate your deep soul memory for who you really are and why you are here.

Kauai Retreat

Kauai, the Garden Isle of Hawaii,  is the perfect place to activate your inner Goddess and experience the Divine Feminine in you.

Inner Peace Meditation

Transform fear into Inner Peace to stay strong, grounded and confident so that you can move through your life with grace and ease.

Deep Relaxation Meditation

Relax deeply to benefit your body,  mind and spirit. Boost your immunity and allow your mind to rest from the constant chatter. 

Support For Your Journey

Membership in the Pathway to Paradise Community on Facebook, email support from Suzanna, Monthly Coaching Calls

What People Are Saying

"“I have just finished the Emotional/Mental Detox and I have had wonderful results, thank you so much! I am no longer emotionally triggered by my past and I have had significant physical healing as well. I am recommending this program to ANYONE!”"

Annie Jury

"“I have been through the deprogramming sessions with Suzanna as the facilitator and as a result have released a large amount of anger, rage, frustration, pain and guilt. Since working with Suzanna, I have become clearer, free of limitations and have manifested a better life for myself. I highly recommend Suzanna and her method of healing. ”"

Sharon Kirby

"“I was conscious of something very unique happening in the clearing session. I felt a movement at a cellular level that allowed me to virtually turn my consciousness around. I am deeply confirming the quality of Suzanna’s work and encourage you to experience Spirit at work through Suzanna Kennedy.”"

Johanna Carroll

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Create a powerful and permanent change in your life today.

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6 EMDetox Deprogramming Modules

6 Bonuses


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A New Session Every Week

6 EMDetox Deprogramming Modules

6 Bonuses


Start Now, Risk Free

A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee applies if you follow the instructions and listen to the meditations several times. If you do not feel more confident and less triggered in your relationships, let us know.

I can guarantee they won't work if you don't use them. So please give it an honest trial and if you don't notice results, contact Suzanna for a complimentary consultation and a full refund.


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