DHU - Weekly Delivery

$1,111.00 USD

  • 12 Divine Human Upgrades + Bonuses
  • Instant Access to the first upgrade, Sacred Union Relationships
  • Subsequent upgrades will be delivered 1 every 7 days to give your system time to integrate the profound changes
  • Instant Access to all Bonuses
  • Instant Access to the private Facebook community, Pathway to Paradise

What People Are Saying:

“Since doing the upgrades, I have found my life experience to be one of energy, acceptance and excellence. I am going through huge changes in my life that in the past might have caused disorientation, frenzy and panic, which are absolutely NOT part of my reality at this time. There is grace and beauty and a deep sense of peace and knowing all is truly well. Thank you.”

Leslie Woods

“What drew me to the consciousness technology was the comprehensive nature of the process. Every step builds on the previous one and in the end, the changes you have are permanent. Sometimes you go to a workshop and have a temporary high. Then you go back home and to work and it goes back to what it was before. With this, the change of experience is permanent.”

Ellen Nagy

“I am loving the upgrades! I feel that the experience was tremendous and has made a stunning impact on my life. I’m more attune with myself, less fearful, shedding victim identity. Less chatter in my head. Less susceptible to other’s difficult emotions and lower vibrations. I feel equipped to tackle the emotions and beliefs that were previously unconscious or misunderstood. Moments of peace and bliss are pretty darn cool.”

Kelley Riebel

“The Upgrades helped me feel more content with every aspect of my life, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I no longer feel stressed out about the future and I’ve stopped dwelling on all the negativity of my past experiences. I now live each moment of every day peacefully, knowing I am always safe, loved, protected and rich with abundance.””

Jody Howard

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