Divine Human Upgrades

A Guide to Accelerated Soul Evolution

How to Embody and Express your True Self and Soul Purpose

Quickly, Easily and Gracefully

Aloha Soul Family,

I have a very important question for you: Are you living your soul’s purpose? Are you living in TRUE ALIGNMENT with the higher purpose for your life?

If your answer is no, what is holding you back? Is it time? Money? Fear? Self-Doubt? A little bit of all of it? ...

Your soul has an authentic divine identity which is locked beneath a lifetime of old (and often toxic) programming. This programming prevents you from accessing your own true radiance. Without the correct tools, you could spend a lifetime trying to peel back the layers of fear and old beliefs that hold you back from your divine essence.

In Just A Few Weeks, You Can Start Creating Your Personal Paradise

If you had the opportunity to spend a little bit of time making inner changes in order to LIVE THE LIFE YOU CAME HERE TO LIVE - one of Joy and Soul Purpose - would you take it?

I hope your answer is “Yes!” Because if you are living with pain, confusion or emotional ‘disconnect’ that comes from toxic programming, then you are not living the way you intended.

You have the RIGHT to live a joyful, fulfilling, Soul-Purposeful life!

And thanks to the Consciousness Technology now available, the journey from where you are now to where you want to be is Quick, Easy and Graceful.

Here are just a few things you can expect when you Upgrade to Divine Human …

  • Wake up each morning with a deep sense of Trust and Knowing that all is well – in every area of your life.
  • Experience genuine JOY ‘for no reason’ on a daily basis.
  • Feel an abiding sense of APPRECIATION for even the smallest aspects of everyday living.
  • Attract soul-nourishing relationships that satisfy you on the deepest levels of your being.
  • Discover your Soul Purpose work in the world. Enjoy greater satisfaction with your work and your play.
  • Enjoy greater abundance in all areas of your life.
  • Make wise decisions thanks to a clear connection with your Divine Inner Guidance.
  • Live with the Peace of knowing that you can trust your intuition 100%.
  • The Creative Power to manifest your Personal Paradise

A 12-Session Program Delivered In A Simple, Self-Guided Format

The Divine Human Upgrade™ program is a 12-session, step-by-step, self-guided program which overrides old, constrictive beliefs, replacing them with your true Divine Identity. This replacement or “upgrade” happens on more than simply a conscious - or even a subconscious - level. You will literally change ON A CELLULAR LEVEL.

Here's What You Get

Divine Human Upgrade Student Manual

This comprehensive on-line resource guide is complete with instructions and support materials for your upgrades to be used along with the upgrade recordings.

12 Upgrade Sessions

Sacred Union Relationship Upgrade

Make peace with the past. Heal and balance your Inner Male and Inner Female. Upgrade your relationship blueprint. The Holy Grail is the chalice that holds the blood of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This is the higher aspects of your soul coming into the chalice of your body.


Discover Your Relationship Blueprint

In this upgrade you will understand how and why you created your past relationship reality. You’ll be able to focus on the present moment and consciously choose your response (response-ability) instead of automatically reacting to your past programming.


Heal Your Pain Body

In this upgrade you will heal the Pain Body, which frees you to be present, conscious and authentic. You stop attracting and recreating painful situations. Your ego is now relieved of the burdensome job of defending you from the past pain it has been projecting for re-creation.


Out’ta Your Mind/Into Your Heart

In this upgrade you will restore proper balance of heart and soul in sacred union with your mind and ego. You’ll access your inner adviser for clear communication and guidance from your heart and soul, allowing you to discern what is the best use of your attention and energy in every moment.


Discover Your Self-Identity Blueprint

In this upgrade you will experience a new level of awareness of how and why you created your Earthly self-identity blueprint. Consciously choose to keep only what serves your highest good and easily let go of the rest. Access a deeper level of conscious response-ability and soul authenticity.


Integrate Polarity

In this upgrade you will suspend judgment and experience discernment and compassion at a cellular level. Disconnect from the mass consciousness judgment and fear matrix. Connect to the compassion matrix that is universally available to you on a soul level. Reunite with lost heart and soul fragments that shattered during times of trauma.


Birth Your Divine Self

In this upgrade you will experience a feeling of safety and self-love. You’ll also establish a permanent connection to Divine Intelligence and unlimited life force energy to fuel your conscious creations.


Unite With Your Twin Flame

In this upgrade you will no longer yearn for a partner to “complete you.” Your longing will disappear because you will finally feel whole and complete. You will fall in love with yourself, drop your “neediness” and become more attractive than ever.


Discover Your Money Blueprint

In this upgrade you will experience a new level of awareness of how and why you created your current money blueprint and set point. You’ll prepare to release the old blueprint.


Upgrade Your Prosperity Blueprint

In this upgrade you will experience and feel the exquisite sense of freedom and expansiveness of prosperity consciousness. No matter what your current level of prosperity is, you can learn how to upgrade, upgrade and upgrade again until you gracefully and joyfully fulfill your Divine Plan which reflects a higher level of prosperity and wealth into your life.


Manage Your Prosperity

In this session you will establish a new program for connecting and building your wealth as it supports your true life purpose.



Manifest Your Paradise

In this upgrade you will discover how to manifest a magnificent reality that is grander than anything you could have imagined for yourself.



5 Bonuses

Triple Flame Activation

This meditation is used before each upgrade session to clear your energy system so the energy you are releasing and receiving can flow through easily and gracefully without any resistance. 



Integration Meditation

This meditation is used after each upgrade session to help you to integrate the quantum change in frequency gracefully.In this meditation, you are guided to call in different high frequencies such as love, joy, peace, bliss and more into your energy field and body.


Membership in the Private FB Community

On-Line Support Network, a social media platform to connect with others who are on the path to becoming Divine Humans



Quantum Power Activation Video

This powerful, energy activation video assists you in re-energizing your system as you move through the Upgrade process. As you release the dense thoughts and emotions from your body and energy field, this video supports you in anchoring more and more of your Divine, I AM Presence in your body until you experience full-time embodiment.


Radiant One Activation Video

This beautiful short movie delivers the Radiant One Activation.It activates your deep soul memory for who you really are and why you are here.

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